Ian Gilchrist is a musician and composer in Liverpool where he lives with his wife Lucy and their two sons.

His passion for music emerged in his early teens with a love for the piano and over the years developed skills on flute, saxophones, recorders, Celtic whistles, guitars, mandolin and midi wind controller

He has always been interested in writing and recording music and started with short drama soundtracks on a 4 track cassette recorder, progressing eventually to a Mac Pro based home studio which enables him to mix virtual and live intstruments. His musical background spans various classical styles through folk to jazz and rock enabling him to play and write with familiarity in a variety of musical genres. Having pursued his musical interests alongside a medical career for 25 years, he took early retirement in the autumn of 2011 to devote himself fully to music.

Since then he has taken the Open University course “Inside Music”  and continues distance learning through Think Space Online courses written by film composer Guy Michelmore, currently studying music technology, music for the media and orchestration.

As well as just wanting to create beautiful music for the sake of it he has had a long term desire to write music for film, drama and dance. He thrives performing live and is developing as a jazz saxophonist in small ensembles as well as providing eclectic music at weddings and functions in duet with his cellist wife Lucy under the name Jazmania.

Ian’s first album “Journey from Slavery” is available from this site Click here for more information

His involvement with the caring professions has also given him an interest in the healing potential of music and some aspects of music therapy, particularly in mental and emotional trauma.

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