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About the Album:

“Journey from Slavery” (length 56 minutes) is a concept album embracing a variety of musical styles. The first main section “Jubilee Suite” is based on a four movement piece that Ian originally wrote and performed for the opening of the Jubilee Medical Centre in Liverpool. The second section “The River” explores some of Liverpool’s infamous historical links with the slave trade. This dramatic, moving and atmospheric piece takes you on an epic journey, touching on themes of physical and spiritual slavery, and the ultimate power of love to bring reconciliation and freedom.

Some reviews

Cross Rhythms Magazine Issue 64 Sept-Oct 2001
“By day Ian Gilchrist is a mild mannered GP in Liverpool but at night he grabs his instruments and creates majestic musical soundscapes that sweep from the speakers…. it’s rich with melody, particularly when it comes to Ian’s excellent sax playing… Awash with huge sounds, creative string arrangements and ambient noises, this is beautiful music. If you enjoy the epic music of Iona then this will appeal to you. Ian Gilchrist should be applauded for creating something as musically fulfilling and as spiritually challenging as ‘Journey from Slavery’. Get hold of a copy, let it wash over you and as it does, take time to be refreshed…”

Mike Rimmer. Score 10/10 (www.crossrhythms.co.uk)

“Sometimes it’s not possible to express your hurt in words. Sometimes you just don’t want to. This music meets your pain and expresses those feelings for you. It allows you to weep and then takes you forward. You can listen at your own pace; take that journey in your own time.”

“…thank you for the gift of your wonderful CD. I have played it through several times and been enthralled by it. I will treasure it for the rest of my time.”

“I’d used all the skills I could muster to engage a rebellious child who caused so much bedlam and heartache. I had your CD and threw it on……for the first time in months he worked independently with concentration, discipline, even a smile! Who says music is on its way out in the curriculum?”

“I was very impressed with the CD. You have done a first class job in writing, recording and packaging this work and it certainly is worthy of some sort of wider exposure.”

David Bruce (A&R Director Alliance Music)





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